The actual motel


 Alice Nelson Jennings Ulery

Blue Mountain Motel © 2015 K&S Productions All Rights Reserved Nathan King and Seth Smiley 

​Disclaimer:  The actual Blue Mountain Motel is a completely separate entity from this fictional film project and is in no way affiliated with Nathan King or Seth Smiley.  The physical exterior of the motel itself merely served as inspiration for this project.  

 Donnie and Elaine Ringer (Proprietors of The Blue Mountain Motel)

 Blue Mountain Motel circa 1953

​Established in 1953, The Blue Mountain Motel is located at 1057 National Pike in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.  It is the oldest motel in Uniontown.

Now owned by Elaine and Donnie Ringer, the motel was originally funded and built in 1952 by Elaine's mother, Alice Nelson Jennings Ulery.  At that time, Elaine's stepfather relocated to Uniontown to begin construction of the motel, while Alice would continue to raise her two young children, Arlene Jennings Ulery and Elaine, in Pittsburgh until the motel's completion in 1953.

"I was 9 years old and my sister Arlene was 14 when we moved here from Pittsburgh once the motel was built", tells Elaine. "Back then we had the speedway over the hill, coke ovens in the back and a swamp behind the house that we would ice skate on when it would freeze in the winter."

​Elaine met Donnie Ringer in 1967 and the two were married in 1972.  The couple took over ownership and operation of the motel in the early 80s after Elaine's mother passed away.

​To this day, The Blue Mountain Motel remains a family run operation, much as Elaine's mother had intended when she opened the motel over 60 years ago.  

It is a quaint and extremely well kept eight-room motel, located off of Route 40 between Uniontown and Hopwood, with an exterior setting that allows its guests to feel right at home while nestled within a backdrop of spectacular pine trees.

If you are ever in Uniontown and in need of a clean room, friendly and hospitable staff and a reasonably priced night's stay, look no further than the Blue Mountain Motel.  Call 724-439-4880 for reservations.